Next features


In the weeks ahead, we plan to develop and implement the following features and interfaces for Greyd.Suite:

Feature board

Currently being developed

Headless API

Even more headless features for you! Integrate data from any external system on your website or synchronize data from WordPress with external systems (e.g. apps, other CMSs, etc.). In short: utilize the full power of a headless CMS with WordPress.

A/B Testing

Automated A/B testing including extensive reporting and analysis options with server-side tracking.


Display of extensive website status information for admins in Greyd.Hub (e.g. regarding security, SEO, translation, user logins, incorrect URLS, etc.).

Frontend Post Submissions

Use forms on your website to submit content that will then automatically create a post.

Accessibility Assistant

Helpful backend instructions to make sure your website is accessible not only on a technical, but also on a content & design level.

New interfaces and integrations

Advanced Custom Fields

Features to mix Greyd.Suite and ACF post types / fields instead of just using the tools separately on a site.

Icon Libraries

An interface is planned that can be used to integrate customized icon fonts.

Missing anything?

A feature you need is not yet on the list? No problem! Feel free to contact us with your feature request.