Greyd: The all-in-one driving force for your WordPress business

Greyd.Suite is the comprehensive platform to scale up your WordPress business and build the web empire you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are a freelancer, agency or large corporation, your WordPress revolution starts here.

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The powerhouse where your business strategy thrives

Elevate your business strategy from ordinary to extraordinary.
Be it as a freelancer, agency, or large corporation, you’re familiar with the challenges of managing a WordPress-based business: complicated content management, bloated page builders, too many plugins weighing down the stack, code that runs amok, suboptimal speed or network vagaries.

Greyd knows all this and provides a unique suite of features that will make content managers, programmers, designers, and network administrators happy. All at once.

Can you believe it? It is the wonder of the Greyd revolution.

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You put in the creativity, and Greyd does the coding

Are you a designer and no longer want to depend too much on developer implementation or dozens of plugins? Hand over the reins to Greyd.Suite, the perfect companion for your design projects.

With Full Site Editing, the integrated design system, and a powerful extension of the WordPress Block Editor, you can deliver a fully customizable and editable brand portal without touching the code.

Leaner, cleaner and faster websites in a blink

Want to take on multiple projects but don’t have enough resources?Tired of paying licenses for dozens of different plugins?

It’s time to scale up your WordPress business: Greyd.Suite takes care of 90% of an IT person’s tasks and helps you drastically reduce the number of plugins on your site.

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Greyd.Suite use case examples

Build your unique WordPress ecosystem

Use the Site Connector to consolidate all your WordPress installations into a single, central system for effortless, streamlined management. 

Harness the power of Headless features across your installations and unleash the potential of Dynamic Templates to take your web presence to new heights.

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A single hub to manage all your websites

Boost the growth of your WordPress business with our future-proof toolset:
Greyd.Hub is the WordPress-based dashboard for centralized management of your whole web ecosystem. You can monitor, duplicate and distribute changes network-wide and cross-installation for all your websites at the speed of light.

Backend visualization of Greyd.Hub website migration process

Empower your content marketing strategy with a truly dynamic architecture

Imagine being able to easily gather important information about each of your users and show them different content on the same page, depending on who is visiting, how they found your site, or what fields they clicked on in your form.

Does that sound like too good a dream? With Greyd.Suite you turn it into reality. 

Experience the excitement of redefining your digital landscape with incredible dynamic features and take your content marketing strategy to levels you never imagined.
Curious to know more? 

Overview of settings for Dynamic Templates

Use WordPress as a headless CMS

With Global Content, you can store your content in one central location and link it to multiple websites. Whether you need the same footer across all your sites, automatic news article publication on various pages, or consistent layouts for different landing pages, Greyd.Suite makes it all a straightforward reality.

Visualisation of Greyd.Suite Headless features

Save hours of dev-time; code-bloating page builders are just memory

How much time have you wasted fixing bugs and speed problems generated by page builders? 

Greyd.Suite is a powerhouse in full swing: think of all the times you’ve dreamed of additional features beyond the default ones provided by WordPress or solutions to instance update problems. Now you have them at your fingertips.

Our all-in-one platform is lightweight, block-based and beyond flexible: combine it with other block-based WordPress products, or use it to build accessible and sustainable websites that run smoothly while meeting the highest web performance standards.

Want to see how it works?

Backend visualization of Full Site Editing

Four slightly different variants of a website

Real-world use cases of WordPress businesses skyrocketing to the top

  • A company that has built an effective lead funnel landing page complete with forms, conditional logic, and comprehensive statistics.

  • A design agency that has created a digital branding portal to be displayed online so that clients can give feedback or make direct requests.

  • An event agency that designed an interactive experience to be displayed on totems at a major trade show.