Global Content

Use WordPress like a Headless CMS

With Global Content you can store content globally and link it to multiple websites. Do you want to display the same footer on all your websites? Automatically publish news articles on different pages? Use the same layout for different landing pages? No problem!

Adapt thousands of websites with just one click

Anyone who maintains several websites knows the problem: A contact person changes, or the company moves, and all websites must be adapted individually. The consequence? Lots of effort and errors. Global Content lets you manage your content centrally. Just edit the piece of content, and, all your pages automatically adopt the change.

Consistent design

Almost every company today has several websites and landing pages. Certain elements such as the footer or the contact form are always the same. Global Content makes maintenance as easy as possible. You create the element once, make it global and link it to the desired pages.

Backend visualization of Global Content
Backend visualisation of Global Content dashboard

Easy management

Each of your pages becomes a content hub with Global Content. See  what global content is available, what’s active on your current page, and where each piece of content is managed. Also, there are no hard feelings in case of a breakup: You can easily unlink pieces of content and turn them into static posts.

Supercharge your agency’s efficiency

Global Content speeds up the process of building new client websites. Simply access your global layout templates, modules, post types, forms, and popups. Before going live, you simply unlink the elements, and you’ll have an independent website.

Overview of settings for Dynamic Templates

Automated design adjustments

Global Content and Dynamic Templates are two innovative features that, especially once combined, open up limitless possibilities. You can use the same template in different places with different content – even across multiple websites. Colors, shapes, fonts, etc. automatically adapt to each page.