License Terms

The license terms apply to provision of the entire Greyd.Suite, while different license terms apply to different components of Greyd.Suite. You can find an overview of all license terms below.

The Greyd.Suite Product consists of up to 2 Themes and 4 Plugins:

  • Greyd.Plugin (was: Greyd.Hub)
  • Greyd.Theme
  • Greyd.Forms
  • Greyd Global Content
  • GREYD.SUITE (Classic Theme)
  • Greyd.Blocks (deprecated)

They are all licensed under the General Public License (GNU)

Additionally it uses and/or references libraries and snippets.


Javascript Libraries

CSS Libraries

PHP Libraries

Code Snippets

Dev Ops

Classic SUITE


The product also references different plugins from the official WordPress directory, who are all licensed under the GNU:

It also references some premium plugins: