Accessibility Features

Building accessible websites made easy

Let’s face it: There’s a lot to think about when building accessible websites. The good news: Greyd.Suite’s got you covered with the entire technical part of accessibility. No need to worry about the code output of your website!

Greyd Team photo. Four women and four men, all wearing a yellow T-shirt with the Greyd text logo.
Accessibility Advocate Anne-Mieke Bovelett with members of the Greyd team

Holistic approach to accessibility

With Anne-Mieke Bovelett, we have an accessibility expert who accompanies us throughout the entire development process. Accessibility is already taken into account when designing new functions. As soon as a feature is developed, extensive accessibility testing is carried out. This is how we ensure that all existing and new functions are accessibility-ready.

Screenreader & key board compatibility

According to the EU Accessibility Act and the German Accessibility Reinforcement Directive, companies are obliged to make their websites and web shops accessible to all. Among other things, this means that websites must be operable via screen reader and keyboard. Greyd.Suite makes this possible. We follow the guidelines of WCAG 2.1 and are currently extending that to 2.2.

Accessibility Features

When we describe blocks and features as accessible or accessibility-ready, that means that under the hood, where you can not edit the code, we have made sure that technically all is ready for you to use it as an accessible element. Of course under the condition that you yourself honor the factors that are up to you, like for example color contrast, font-size, etc.

Skip links

Automatically added skip links for menus and forms for better usability of the website with the keyboard.

Focus outlines

Focus indicator that automatically adapts to the design of the page so that it is always clearly visible even on different colored backgrounds.

Semantic HTML

All elements (e.g. lists, popups) use semantic HTML and clearly describe the purpose of the respective element e.g. for screen readers.

Accessible popups

Several optimizations for accessible usage of popups (e.g. close popup via ESC key, keep keyboard focus within the popup as long as it is open, and much more).

ARIA labels

Interactive elements (e.g. buttons) all have so-called ARIA labels to clearly indicate the purpose of the element to screen readers.

Accessible forms

All form elements, including multistep, multiple selection, dropdowns, etc. can be operated using the keyboard.

Alt text optimization

No automatic filling of alt texts, as from an accessibility perspective decorative elements, for example, should not have alt texts.

Link title attributes

Link title attributes are set automatically if they have not been actively defined by the user.

Accordions & tabs

Both tabs and accordions in Greyd.Suite are screen-reader compatible and operable via keyboard.