Greyd.Suite for web shops

Build converting E-commerce sites

Being fully compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify, Greyd.Suite offers a powerful feature-set that makes creating exceptional web shops a breeze.

Visualization of a webshop and an admin panel

Advanced queries & filters

Benefit from incredible product filter and display options in the frontend and backend. From interactive live searches to enhanced product display options and a variety of filter types that you can flexibly combine and design. No coding and no third-party plugins needed.

Four slightly different variants of a website

Conditions, forms, popups and more

Would you like to automatically highlight offers for certain users, integrate popups or newsletter forms into your shop or incorporate interactive elements? No problem! As a powerful all-in-one solution, Greyd.Suite provides you with everything you need to customize your web shop.

Integrated systems

With our headless features, you can not only synchronize content and elements form your e-commerce site with other websites. You can also display data from external systems on your site or connect your web shop with your CRM and other tools. In short: with Greyd.Suite, you don’t just build a web shop, you create entire digital experience platforms.

Backend visualization of Global Content
Visualization of a website with an editing panel to build the header section

Smooth pagebuilding experience

Use all the new WooCommerce Full Site Editing functions with numerous extensions by Greyd and easily design individual store pages, for example with mini checkout, shopping cart popover, custom templates for all store areas and much more!

Accessible, fast & lean code

According to the EU Accessibility Act and the German Accessibility Strengthening Act (BFSG), store operators are obliged to ensure that their sites are accessible from June 2025. Greyd.Suite got you covered, with code output that is not only accessible, but also super fast and lean.

Website placed behind a login form

Gated Content for customers

A login-protected customer area on your website – for a personalized onboarding funnel, for example – can also be implemented out of the box with Greyd.Suite. You can adjust Woo roles and even define custom user groups and, thanks to the interfaces, create digital experiences that are perfectly tailored to your marketing and customer service.