User management

Custom user roles & capabilities

Define down to the lowest detail who should be able to see and/or edit which parts of your website and benefit from time-saving admin functions.

Backend visualization Greyd.Suite user management

Custom user roles

Do you want your customers to be able to maintain only certain content without being able to change the design or layout of the site? Simply define individual user roles and specify exactly who should be able to view, edit, create or delete which website content.

Gated Content

Frontend content available only to certain users: Create user portals with unique login pages for registering, logging in and logging out, or hide specific areas for different user roles.

Website placed behind a login form
Four slightly different variants of a website

Content automation

Automatically change your website’s content based on the visitors’ user roles, or, for instance, restrict the display of popups to certain users. Each visitor’s experience on your website is customized automatically.

Modify the login link for your website (or even several websites at once). Edit user and admin emails easily and benefit from the preview. Save time and effort when managing your website(s).