Find here an overview of all updates and major releases of Greyd.Suite.

Version 2.6.0


Improvements & New Features

  • Theme JSON 3.0: Utilize new features
  • Dynamic Content: Time-based live conditions


  • Fixed some issues with backend translations
  • Single post content was not rendered as expected with ARMember Plugin
  • Fixed some issues with the theme assets import/export
  • Fixed an issue with the Dynamic Tag “number of posts”
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Gutenberg 18.3
  • Fixed a javascript issue when a wp-template was included inside a dynamic template

Version 2.5.0



  • Greyd blocks now support spacing preset sizes
  • added gap settings for buttons
  • improved buttons focus outline (accessibility)
  • added uppercase & letter spacing as global styling option for Greyd buttons
  • enabled adding a popover block to navigation menus (beta)
  • moved popover block rendering to php


  • fixed an issue where meta fields disappeared in forms
  • fixed an issue with the pinned box
  • fixed an issue with the edit template button
  • fixed an issue with the alignment of list icons
  • fixed an issue with the cover block and dynamic variables
  • fixed an issue with alignments in frontend and backend in Greyd blocks
  • fixed an issue with the fluid option settings
  • fixed an issue with the classic to FSE converter
  • fixed a critical error in single page templates
  • fixed an issue with missing breakpoints
  • fixed an issue with lottie animations
  • fixed an issue with the bulk export of templates and template parts
  • fixed multiple issues with the Hub import
  • fixed an issue with max and min attributes in forms

Version 2.4.1


Re-added index.php to the Greyd Theme to prevent error when using child themes.

Version 2.4.0



  • Release of the new Greyd Theme in the official repo
  • Added numerous additional patterns
  • Google and custom fonts deprecation notice has been made visible always in Greyd Global Styles
  • Anchor active navigation does now support all types of anchor links


  • Added ‘classic’ flag to all template library system templates
  • Fixed an issue not closing all popups using the ESC key
  • Fixed an issue where the second header does not open the selected off-menu
  • Fixed an issue displaying form tooltips outside of the screen
  • Removed z-index overwrite for floating boxes
  • Fixed an issue where custom fonts did not display dotted query paginations

Version 2.3.0


New Features

  • Additional spacing scaling controls for unlimited layout flexibility, especially when it comes to responsive designs


  • Resolved a fatal error in the Site Editor.
  • Fixed incorrect display of theme status.
  • Fixed an issue with gradient presets after migrating the theme converter to the plugin.
  • Fixed a SSL error occurring during post export.
  • Fixed errors in post export regex patterns if anchor attribute is set (usually as the first attribute).
  • Fixed an issue where Safari-based browsers could not calculate the height of images correctly.
  • Global Content:
    • Corrected post type filter on the Global Content page.
    • Addressed unrecognized conflicts during Global Content import.
    • Fixed some issues in the automator and synced_posttype classes used for the headless post type features.
    • Fixed caching issues on Global Content list pages with remote connection contents.
    • Fixed an error during hub import when Global Content is not verified.
  • Forms:
    • Fixed the incorrect display of checkbox styles as radio buttons or switch inputs.
    • Removed a misleading error message within form interfaces.
    • Fixed rendering of forms when the filtered post-id does not exist anymore (e.g., in Polylang after manual import).
    • Only send verification mail during redo-option action when the user is not verified.
  • Removed background isolation & z-index causing z-stacking errors.
  • Removed orphaned search result styling leading to errors.
  • Fixed an issue calculating the default height of post slider pages.
  • Fixed reference error in search & replace feature to post_export feature.
  • Fixed an issue where Safari-based browsers could not calculate the height of images correctly.


  • Set the slider max-width for new layout controls to 1200.
  • Implemented filtering of selected query live filter terms.
  • Added the plugin filter to filter_post_id function in Greyd.Forms.
  • Improved error handling in Greyd.Forms Hubspot API.
  • Updated Readme files.
  • Added architecture documentation to Global Content Readme.
  • Added the ability to manually repair global styles.
  • Improved UI of Greyd tabs components inside the Block Editor.
  • Added license filtering for better security & auto-validation through constant support.
  • Added the possibility to customize the animation speed via the global var ‘greydSliderSpeed’.
  • Removed orphaned greyd_tp_management references.

Version 2.2.0



  • Authors could not edit Dynamic Templates in post content
  • Fixed a problem with conditional fields
  • Fixed an issue with multistep forms
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Woocommerce and Polylang
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Gutenberg where the navigation block was causing a block error when clicking on the typography panel
  • Fixed an issue with the Site Connector
  • Fixed an issue with revisions and dynamic tags
  • Fixed an issue where the query loop crashed in page templates
  • Fixed a block error with the query loop when selecting a single post
  • Fixed an issue with wrong alignment of Greyd buttons in the frontend as well as a block error with Greyd buttons
  • Fixed an issue with videos in the frontend when lazy load was not activated
  • Fixed multiple issues with small differences between frontend and editor
  • Fixed an issue with custom selects not wrapping correctly


  • Added an extra incompatibility notice for classic full site templates in the Template Library

Greyd Plugin 2.1.2


  • Fixed an incompatibility error with WPML
  • Fixed an error leading to image within dynamic templates not being displayed in the editor
  • Added missing dynamic tags in page specific templates
  • Fixed a minor PHP Warning when screen object was not defined
  • Fixed live search not working when Autosearch is enqueued as well

Greyd Plugin 2.1.1


  • Fixed an error with Conditional Content Refactoring
  • Fixed a problem where the author of posts could not be changed anymore
  • Fixed a problem with popovers in query loops

Greyd Suite 2.1.0



  • Greyd.Forms: fixed an issue with umlauts and special characters  in radio buttons
  • Greyd.Forms: fixed an issue where the editor preview as not centered anymore
  • Fixed an issue with icon alignment in form fields
  • Fixed an issue with the Site Connector and the staging feature where stages where disappearing after creating them
  • Fixed an issue with where hidden trigger links messed up the layout of buttons and links
  • Fixed an issue with custom colors for button background colors in global styles
  • Fixed an issue where conditional contents were being parsed even though the condition was false
  • Fixed an issue with the copy paste function in the editor


  • Marked template library templates for their respective version
  • Added a deprecation notice for greyd_tp_management & greyd_blocks
  • Modularized  blocks feature scripts
  • Improved theme asset handling when switching to a child theme
  • Chronological sorting by meta fields

Greyd.Plugin 2.0.4


Fixed an issues in post-export feature due to helper & init files only being included in admin.

This version is the same as the Greyd.Hub 2.0.3

Greyd.Forms 2.0.4


Fixed missing gap in between image panels in the classic version

Greyd.Suite 2.0.3


  • Fixed an error that caused users updating the Greyd.Plugin to Version 2.0.1 being reverted to the Greyd.Hub Plugin because of an incorrect Update URL. You can fix this issue by updating the Greyd.Theme to Version 2.0.3 and click „Install Greyd.Plugin“ inside the Greyd.Theme Dashboard or by manually downloading the Greyd.Plugin and re-uploading it via WordPress Admin.
  • Fixed an issue inside Greyd.Forms not displaying Image Panels properly in the Classic Version.

Greyd.Plugin 2.0.1


Fixed an issue that lead to elements not being hidden per breakpoints in Classic Suite Websites

Greyd.Suite 2.0


  • Release of the new Full Site Editing Theme
  • Release of the new Greyd.Plugin (natively merged into Greyd.Hub plugin for existing setups)
  • Prepared deprecations for Greyd.Blocks plugin & Greyd.Hub plugin
  • New Features:
    • New popover block to create burger menues, dropdowns, inline popovers and more
    • New sticky block variation for the content box block
    • Additional options in the navigation block
    • Improved compatibility for Polylang plugin
  • Launch of our new websites:
    • FSE Helpcenter: (the Classic version Helpcenter can now be found here:

Greyd Classic 1.19


At the same time as the release of version 2.0, the Classic Theme and the Greyd.Blocks Plugin have also been updated. These versions are no longer required for the new version and will therefore no longer go to 2.0.

Greyd.Suite 1.8.7


  • Allowed Greyd.Hub Full Site export with empty plugins
  • Fixed an issue in the Global Content activation message
  • Post Export: Properly replace attachment & post URLs inside post content
  • Conditional Content: New conditon has_not in url parameter conditions
  • Greyd.Forms: Also invalidate & validate textarea inputs visually
  • Render first 10 custom styles inside head to prevent being rendered before HTML-DOCTYPE
  • Fixed an issue that lead to checkbox not saving the text value in entry data
  • Improved display of invalid selects and upload fields
  • Popover Block validation error by allowing tabindex html attribute
  • Multistep form inside popup leads to unwanted overflow
  • Resolved wizard CSS selector conflict with redirection plugin
  • Resolved an issue displaying the recommended plugin page

Greyd.Suite 1.8.5



  • Added filters to change font links embedded via processor
  • Added possiblity to support WP Cron Jobs for Global Content update functions via filter ‘greyd_globalcontent_is_cron_supported’
  • Added possiblity to change theme colors to support different browser bar colors
  • Fixed some PHP warnings
  • Improved readability of the notification default colors


  • Wrapped anchor target in relative wrapper to prevent mislocation in root level of page
  • Fixed wrong frontend color in core/separator
  • Fixed issues with background animations not triggering
  • Fixed multiple issues with the query loop
  • Fixed multiple issues with the live query
  • Fixed wrong flex-direction for columns inside greyd-box after wrapper columns are set to flex-stretch
  • Fixed wrong height calculation in nested conditional fields

Greyd.Suite 1.8.3 / 1.8.4



  • Support for Gutenberg 17.1.2
  • Re-added query pagination filter
  • Added fallback page for required plugins when all plugins are up to date
  • Update required plugin & theme versions
  • Removed WP-Cron support in Global Content update actions
  • Added Global Content filter documentation
  • Added info about user edit form not being shown for specific user roles
  • Retired reduce DOM size setting (now automatically enabled)
  • Improved block inspector tabs
  • Improved accordion UI/UX
  • Forms emails optimizations


  • Fixed a minor PHP error
  • Fixed an issue where tabs trigger the wrong content when the active tab is clicked again
  • Fixed an issue where youtube shorts do not work as column backgrounds
  • Fixed an issue with live queries
  • Fixed a minor error in dynamic filter function
  • Fixed an issue where login form fields were not displayed in the frontend
  • Fixed dynamic post types error message in vc-setups
  • Fixed an issue with the password saving process in registration forms
  • Fixed an issue where some dynamic tags were missing in post single templates
  • Fixed an issue where flex-alignments of menu items in the header navbar affected nav menus inside dropdowns & nested templates
  • Fixed an issue not filtering the yoast seo canonical url which could lead to duplicate canonical URLs
  • Fixed a warning in PHP 8.1+ with curly brackets inside regex replace schema
  • Fixed a forms fatal error
  • Fixed an issue with the featured image
  • Fixed some UI-Issues of the hotspot block
  • Fixed adminbar icon alignment
  • Fixed an issue where opening a popover triggered all accordions inside and vise versa



Fixed an issue in GREYD.Blocks 1.8.3 that lead to incorrect display of list elements.

GREYD.Blocks 1.8.3


Columns with backgrounds that were hidden per breakpoint are now entirely hidden, including background elements.




  • With WordPress 6.4 old Gutenberg Versions (below 16.5.0) were automatically deactivated. A Blocks class was still using a plugin function and was therefore throwing an error. This update solves this issue.
  • Fixed an issue with flex alignments in content boxes
  • Deactivated live filter options on query pages
  • Fixed an issue displaying a Global Content message even though license was valid



New Features:

  • Staging Sites: Test changes without risiking your live site and push them to your live site with one click (available in the Agency Plan)
  • Integration for wildcloud: Build big website systems and benefit from all GREYD features without having to rely on multisites


  • GREYD.Hub:
    • Improved loading performance
    • Added pagination for large multisites
    • Added popup to create sites directly in Greyd.Hub
  • Conditional Content now supports all third-party cookies
  • Support for Gutenberg 16.9.0
  • Added 2 new field types to post types: time & datetime-local
  • Improved CSS performance through more efficient selectors
  • Improved focus state of multiselects
  • Minor quality of life improvements inside the Block Editor
  • Fixed preload-url for fonts inside multisites


  • Fixed some issues transforming columns and spacer blocks
  • Fixed sync issues with Global Content:
    • solved issue syncing dynamic images
    • solved issues updating a lot of pages at once
    • solved issue updating taxonomies with WPML
    • solved issues updating external pages
  • Fixed a minor warning in PHP 8+ inside dynamic-helper class
  • Fixed some minor Block Editor issues



Fixed issues:

  • Support for Gutenberg version 16.8.1
  • Numbers at the beginning of list items in templates were not displayed
  • Changed lables of menu links for Reusables to Patterns




  • Overhaul of the popover block (beta features)
  • Several new options for conditional content in relation to posts and post types
  • New link picker options rel="noreferrer" and rel="external"
  • Default & custom meta fields selectable by users from all roles as dynamic tags and assignable in forms
  • Copy-paste of user meta fields to other roles
  • Search terms with less than 3 letters are evaluated differently in the relevance search
  • Better filtering of external or media links with Polylang & WPML


  • Fixed an issue rendering multiple hotspot images on the same page
  • Fixed an issue rendering empty buttons if overwritten with custom styles
  • Fixed an issue in the popup wizard
  • Customizing user emails could lead to an error in the frontend
  • Re-activated all blocks inside forms and multistep container
  • Fixed post type caching with custom cache handling on WP-Engine environments
  • Fixed an issue with user roles not being assignable

Core compatibility

  • Migrated deprecated tooltip placement property
  • Multiple quality of life improvements inside editor sidebar controls



New Feature:

  • All GREYD.Forms emails now use a styled HTML template


  • Gutenberg download links were incorrect in the admin notification
  • Fixed an issue parsing non-standard Vimeo-URLs in background videos
  • Fixed two WPML related issues:
    • Editor notification for translated posts was displayed even though post was already in the correct language
    • Popups triggered by buttons were not automatically using the translated popup as soon as a translated version is available
  • Added support for block spacer scaling options when defined via flex options (inside navigation or row block)
  • Fixed an issue where the padding top of the first element was not calculated correctly on mobile
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with old WP-Bakery forms
  • Fixed issues creating popups in old versions

Hub & Global Content



  • Query Block Editor layout deprecation
  • Fixed permalink issues in Global Content plugin

Hub & Blocks 1.7.1


  • Fix for query layout display issues in the editor
  • Fix for missing permalinks in custom-posttype posts



New Features

  • Tabs Block
  • Table of contents block is now dynamic
  • New conditional content conditions:
    • index of current post
    • values of meta field
  • Aspect ratio for dynamic images
  • Dynamic form field placeholders inside all form mail fields

New Features (Beta)

  • Advanced Query Filter for custom post overviews
  • Global taxonomies available to several post types within a site

Alpha Features

  • New Popover Block: use define( 'GREYD_THEME_BETA_BLOCKS', true ); to use the new block before its official release


  • Crossorigin for font & CSS preload
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the lost block
  • Added possibility to prevent PHP-SESSION creation
  • Fixed Youtube & Vimeo background video bug




  • Prevent button display issues when a dynamically replaced link element is empty
  • Fixed an issue with responsive query filtering because the rest api link wasn’t exposed
  • Fixed an issue that lead to SVG images not being displayed correctly because of ‘width: auto’
  • Search-bars in popups where falsely interacting with the live search results on search result pages
  • prevent forced wrapping into p-tags for custom post type text area fields
  • fixed SVG attachment issues when attachment was deleted
  • caching of computed svgs
  • fixed the dynamic height of spacer blocks within Dynamic Templates
  • fixed issues with the query-block post template preview
  • fixed incorrect background-IDs within live search results



Bug Fixes and Changes for Compatibility with Gutenberg 16.1.0 & WordPress 6.3



New Features

  • The block Media and Text now supports the same image styles as the normal Image block
  • Added new CSS-Classes to hide elements from specific viewports:
    • hidden-xs
    • hidden-sm
    • hidden-md
    • hidden-lg

Bug Fixes

  • Buttons in rows lead to layout issues because they were set to 100%
  • Avoid PHP deprecation notices in global content post class with PHP 8.2+
  • Form icon panels properly support custom class names
  • Early escape form mail functions AFTER filter is applied to enable filtering even if mail field is not set
  • Custom post types now properly support authors to enable bulk edits
  • Fixed some PHP notices




  • New option Force number of lines for headline & paragraph block
  • Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) by improving asset enqueueing & adding missing dimensions to SVG images


  • When adding a website connection you were not always redirected to the same screen you came from
  • Fixed an issue not displaying custom images in content boxes and columns as dynamic tags
  • Fixed an issue selecting multiple blocks using the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue aligning buttons
  • Fixed an issue where post user restrictions were not saved
  • Submenus of the third level were toggled automatically on mobile
  • Triggers in post tables were not matched properly




  • New option for conditional content block: Dependency from current archive taxonomy
  • New filters for the navigation logo and burger


  • Fixed an issue calculating multistep form height
  • Fixed an issue replacing media urls on hub import
  • Prepared compatibility for Gutenberg 16.0.0 and higher
  • Fixed an issue with popup height in percent
  • Fixed an issue regarding post exports and core images or galleries
  • Fixed an issue with english translations in the WP menu admin screen




  • Separator align support
  • Updated default contents to latest block deprecations
  • Added possibility to add custom date formats when displaying post-dates
  • Added possibility to bulk-export posts including translations
  • Added possibility to download the SUITE directly from the backend
  • Re-added the the header menu dropdown animation slide


  • Fixed some minor block errors
  • Fixed forms entry capabilities
  • Fixed an issue with WPML where dynamic templates were not displayed in the correct language inside the editor
  • Fixed an issue exporting designs inside the hub
  • Fixed an issue where responsive query reloads were only applied to the first query element on load



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues of theme styles not being loaded in the block editor
  • Fixed an issue with global connections not being displayed properly
  • Adjusted capabilities for post types within GREYD.Forms
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic tags inside post tables
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic post types where registered twice
  • Fixed an issue where WPML caused sticky post to show up in the wrong language
  • Fixed an issue where live filtering of queries didn’t work because of the replacement of wrong background IDs
  • Fixed an issue where the user registration form was not properly displayed in the backend editor

GREYD Plugins 1.6.3


New Feature:

  • Default values for hidden fields in forms

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixes for live search when no search field was displayed on the page
  • Custom Post type taxonomies could partly not be switched on & off
  • Custom link fields were displayed URL-encoded in the frontend
  • Hidden columns are grayed out in the editor
  • A few layout errors in the editor with buttons & query loops in connection with the latest core versions were adjusted
  • The editor display of fullscreen off-canvas templates was not set to 100% of the width




  • Scroll Animations (while scrolling) get a slight transition time to make them more fluid even on mousewhell-scrolling
  • Make the editor preview of math-fields smaller to not interfere with the editing experience
  • When trying to create a posttype that would override a frontend page permalink, a user notice is displayed


  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Fixed the browser warning before leaving a window that appeared after a user interacted with a form
    • Fixed some english translations for math-fields & range-slider
    • Math-fields & range-slider could throw some errors when submitted
  • Fixed an issue where user capability matching could interfere with custom third-party capabilities
  • Fixed an issue where certain dropdown fields could not be selected properly
  • Fixed some PHP Warnings trying to get file contents with absolute paths in the function file_get_contents

GREYD.Blocks & GREYD.Forms 1.6.1


English translations for the new features (math forms & animations) were incorrect inside the block editor



New Features:

  • Block Animations: Abundant selection of animations in blocks
  • Mathematical features in GREYD.Forms
    • Mathematical fields & formulas within forms
    • New block for range sliders
    • Custom “Dynamic Tags” for numerical values in forms

Bug Fixes:

  • Design Ex- & Import in GREYD.Hub did not work in some setups
  • Invalid text content or formatting could cause the Block Editor to crash in templates
  • User Management:
    • With custom post types using the Block Editor, users with custom user roles sometimes could not create new posts
    • There were problems with custom capabilities of third-party plugins
  • Dynamic placeholders were sometimes not overwritten in custom buttons
  • Year numbers in date fields were sometimes truncated in text fields when submitting forms

GREYD.Hub & Blocks



  • Error rendering dynamic button text for individually overridden buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where custom user roles could not properly edit certain post types with the block editor
  • Popup border radius could not be saved correctly if it was the same on all borders



New Features:

  • Core video block was extended with responsive options (mobile video)
  • Hotspot positions can now be locked to prevent Editor issues

Bug Fixes:

  • Elements with class is-hidden were not visible in the Editor
  • Core block deprecations lead to errors losing dynamic values or css stylings
  • Design ex- & import in the GREYD.Hub was sometimes not triggered
  • Dynamic button text value could be rendered multiple times when a deprecated version was saved in the post content and no icon was set
  • Displaying of the post content with a dynamic tag could lead to new lines being removed (eg. inside the code-block)
  • Popup mobile settings were not visible when not set prior to loading the editor
  • Fixed popup backend preview issues for larger popups
  • Placeholder text could be selected as options in custom dropdowns
  • CSS animations could lead to errors with columns
  • Dynamic focus point was not always properly enforced in the frontend
  • Removed an unnecessary admin error email when a form interface was triggered correctly
  • Removed an issue retrieving Hubspot lists when no lists were set




  • Let dynamic template appear similar to reusable blocks in the inserter & toolbar
  • Improved the GREYD.Hub to have a faster response time and live logging while importing sites


  • Trigger Picker could lead to error in block editor
  • Tooltips could lead to error in block editor
  • Menus in off-menu always toggle the submenus on click
  • Fixed an issue with CSS Animations in the block editor preview
  • Fixed an issue with the hubspot integration if the deprecated API version was still saved in the database
  • Fixed an issue with lottie animations in dynamic templates leading to errors in the block editor preview
  • Fixed an issue parsing dynamic button text in the frontend when neither an icon nor a default text was set

GREYD.Hub 1.5.4


New Features:

  • GREYD User Management to create custom user roles (incl. capabilities & user meta fields) to control in detail who should be able to see and/or edit which parts of a website
  • Gated Content: Create custom login & registration forms and make content only accessible to certain user roles


  • Fixed a minor issue with trigger event slugs in the backend
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of some core image elements to not be aligned to bottom




  • hide empty paragraphs in frontend
  • only render template dropdowns when a template is selected
  • fixed some display issues with dropdown menus in Firefox & Safari
  • fixed an issue with backgrounds within live-query loops
  • fixed an issue with trigger actions within live-query loops
  • trigger actions on links with several inline styles did not always get replaced correctly
  • some people were having issues with updating to the newest version



Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of relative anchor links inside query loops
  • Fixed some issues with multilingual live-search queries
  • Fixed some issues with offcanvas submenus
  • Fixed gap in header menu when burger or menu are hidden based on breakpoints
  • Fixed an issue with the vertical navbar
  • Fixed an issue not finding WooCommerce product categories for dynamic tags
  • Do not autogenerate title attributes to all images for accessibility reasons



New Features:

  • New features & optimizations for accessibility
    • Compatibility of native frontend features with screen readers and keyboard operation
    • Navigation has been reorganized to allow for accessible operation
    • Forms and navigation have received skip links
    • Improvement of the focus states of all focusable elements (links, buttons, tiles, input fields, etc.)
    • Popups and hotspot blocks are also accessible
  • Post Tables:
    • Query Loops can now be displayed as a table
    • 2 additional Dynamic Tags have been integrated: Average & Column Sum
  • Advanced Search:
    • New block GREYD Search to build very individual search forms incl. filter options by post type, categories and taxonomies as well as various sorting options in the frontend
    • Perfectly aligned with live search & Global Search
  • Responsive Query Loop:
    • Detailed responsive  options for all query blocks to set columns and the number of elements individually per breakpoint


  • Fixes regarding the Block Editor
  • Compatibility with the latest Gutenberg versions



Minor Bugfixes:

  • Fixed the height & overflow of popups inside the editor
  • Fixed a minor issue with dynamic tags
  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Fixed an issue with multiselect image panels inside the backend editor preview
    • Fixed a potential issue with a theme dependency during AJAX requests



New Features

  • Editor List-View is now adjustable in width which makes it usable even with many nested blocks
  • New option for paragraph block: line-clamp
  • Rankmath archive pages MetaBox and redirects
  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Filter hooks for all form emails
    • Admin error email for failed events
  • Comments can be easily enabled with a single filter hook
  • Filter hook for “no posts found” texts in query loop
  • Utiliy functions in hub/functions.php


  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Zapier interface had an issue
    • Nonce was partly not validated
    • Conditions for hidden fields work properly when submitting the form
    • Radio buttons caused some problems in the editor and during validation
    • Hubspot lists were limited to 20
  • WooCommerce message icons were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where custom fonts were not being deleted
  • A PHP error caused by the compatibility message was fixed
  • List display could be shot when columns were stretched
  • Dynamically replaced images were sometimes not aligned correctly
  • CSS classes were not applied to the HotSpot block
  • A problem in the theme was fixed, if a keyword could not be found (especially in interaction with WPML or Polylang)



New Features

  • New option to include post excerpts without striping tags
  • Improved auto-generated placeholders & tooltips of GREYD.Forms to be more usable across different languages


  • Fixed some minor inconsistencies with block columns
  • Fixed some minor block editor React errors
  • Improved the performance of query loops
  • Fixed table border overwrites of Gutenberg
  • Fixed a inconsistency displaying the second off-menu while being deactivated
  • Fixed a minor error displaying Google fonts



New Features:

  • Block Icons were updated
  • GREYD.Forms Interface Files & API have been refactored and more hooks were added
  • Improved Caching for Global Contents


  • Fixed some issues regarding WPML were URLs & Image IDs have been filtered incorrectly
  • Upload Buttons in popups were not working due to inconsistent content filtering
  • Button & Link margins are overhauled to streamline layout of core/buttons & greyd/buttons
  • QuickEdit action was falsely removed from pages
  • RichText formatting of accordion titles sometimes lead to errors after reloading
  • GREYD.Forms:
    • An issue with multistep forms has been fixed, where the form was not going to the next step after reloading the page during the second step
    • Autocomplete of City & street-address was not recognized correctly
    • RichText formatting of form labels sometimes lead to errors after reloading

GREYD.Blocks & Forms



  • Hubspot API Keys are deprecated as of December 2022 – Inserted compatibility & instruction to Private OAuth App
  • Dynamic Field Placeholder con now be used even inside Admin-Email headers


  • Fixed an issue removing dynamic contents from nested templates with only a single button inside
  • WPML: Post-Ids & URLs such as Links or templates are always filtered before rendered in the frontend – WPML didn’t handle this consistently



Gutenberg bug fixes:

  • Dropdowns were partly not displayed in the navigation bar since Gutenberg version 14.4.0
  • Categories that are displayed via a dynamic tag and were linked without changing the format were not displayed as linked in the frontend
  • Individual post type meta fields for the core post type “post” were not displayed in the single template



Hotfix: Changes in Gutenberg Columns CSS lead to increased specificity and thus overwriting many styles. This results in broken column layouts in certain scenarios.



New features:

  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Automatic deletion of form entries
    • Form analytics directly in the backend
    • Native SMTP settings
    • HoneyPot Spam Protection
  • GREYD.Popups:
    • Live preview directly in the Block Editor
    • Accessibility improvement
  • GREYD.Hub:
    • File upload improvement
  • Usability improvements:

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Users with non-admin roles had problems saving buttons & input fields, this behavior has been improved
  • Videos (HTML5 & Embed) continued to run in the background when the popup was closed
  • Inside spacing in lines did not work
  • Robots and crawlers can no longer accidentally trigger an opt-in or opt-out



  • Fixed compatibility issues with Gutenberg 14.4.0 (menu dropdowns in the header weren’t displayed)
  • Applied visible focus only when navigating by tab
  • Fixed an issue, where the custom post-ID for dynamic templates wasn’t saved properly
  • Fixed some minor block editor bugs
  • Fixed an issue with the global search feature in relation to WPML
  • GREYD.Forms are now automatically displayed in the current WPML language, if a translation exists



New Features

  • New option to make parent items of dropdown menus clickable in the header
  • GREYD.Forms:
    • Native Honeypot spam protection for forms
    • Automatic deletion of form entries after a certain period of time
    • Placeholders in the subject line of form emails are now also replaced
  • GREYD.Hub theme export & import
  • More options in the accordion block:
    • Title and content can now have a border & border radius
    • Accordion title can now be made dynamic in templates
  • Typography options when overwriting a button design individually have been extended
  • Block errors can now be solved with one click via the Editor Helper
  • When entering a name for form fields, special characters are adjusted automatically


  • Second header could not be placed below the main header
  • Letter input was possible in input fields for phone numbers
  • Fixed some bugs in the Hub import:
    • Cleaned database with third party options table (e.g. wp_wsal_options) caused import to abort
    • Rare database errors during imports were fixed
  • Core Blocks classes (alignwide & alignnarrow) led to incorrect widths for columns
  • Fixed a bug when replacing Google Fonts with custom fonts if the font name was identical
  • An error when saving buttons with trigger elements by editors or authors was fixed
  • Dynamic fields were partially not rendered in the Dynamic Image Toolbar Control
  • Improvements in the query loop block:
    • Paginations and arrows are no longer completely hidden when disabled
    • Paginations were displayed incorrectly when an offset was set in the loop
    • Fixed a bug where the arrows of a classic pagination were not displayed when the digits were set to “hide
    • The font size within a loop was not taken over from the body
    • Individual color overrides of arrows and pagination were not applied
  • Menus in vertical menu bars were partly displayed with list items
  • Special characters in posttype meta fields were partly removed when displayed in the frontend
  • Accordion icons were displayed upside down in the frontend
  • The control panel for frames was updated in the whole SUITE




  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to write numbers into input fields
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic templates caused an react error in the editor
  • Improved the core social media icons block
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation
  • Fixed an issue where a import in GREYD.Hub caused database errors
  • Updated the support link in the dashboard
  • Fixed a small issue with the auto-close function of the hotspot block
  • Fixed some general import encoding issues
  • Fixed a fatal error: class ‘basics’ not found
  • Added post export support for the hotspot block




  • Fixed issues with Custom Trigger Events
  • Fixed image alignment of smaller images inside a hotspot block
  • Fixed Content Box alignment issues with reduced DOM size enabled
  • Query page count was sometimes not displayed properly in the frontend



New Features

  • Hotspot Block to display interactive graphics & animations
  • New filter options for post overviews in the frontend
  • Conditional content can be made dependent on taxonomies


  • the initial calculation of the height of sliders was partly incorrect for very large elements
  • fixed background did not work correctly on iOS devices
  • a bug with trigger actions and hiding of neighboring elements was fixed
  • Global Content:
    • fixed problems with displaying taxonomies in interaction with WPML
    • click on “Make image global” does not work
    • new WPML translations of global posts were partly not linked automatically
  • Global Search:
    • compatibility with the latest WPML version established
    • dynamic fields are now displayed correctly
    • linked global posts can now also be excluded from the search



New Features

  • Further improved the new option ‘Reduce DOM size’:
    • Content boxes, groups and other blocks do not have an extra wrapper around them anymore.
    • Fixed an issue with local triggers inside Dynamic Templates when the option is activated.
  • Improved accessibility of the accordion block (see for details).
  • Added filters for allowed blocks & HTML tags in forms.
  • Improved jQuery animations for custom triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the core row block in the frontend.
  • Fixed an error rendering dynamic columns background video URLs.
  • Fixed an error displaying Dynamic Post Type fields of the type ‘date’.
  • Fixed an issue replacing dynamic fields with underscore slugs.
  • Fixed an issue where the height of multistep forms was not calculated correctly on load.
  • Added z-index isolation for content box & cover backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue importing fullsite templates from the library on multisite level.
  • Fixed an error matching dynamic fields with trailing whitespaces.
  • Fixed an error regarding form inputs when a non-admin was saving a form in the block editor.
  • Fixed an issue saving custom multistep form button numbers.




  • New Accordion Block
  • New dynamic attributes:
    • Cover block: Image, Video & focal point
    • Media and text block: Image
    • Dynamic image block: Focal Point
    • Quote & Pullquote blocks: Text & source
    • Verse block: Text
  • Improvement of accessibility and SEO of slider pagination elements
  • Yoast Metabox can now be customized for individual dynamic archive templates
  • Content-box- & column-background now support transparent variations of global colors


  • Fixed a bug regarding the selection of translated GREYD.Forms
  • Fixed a bug where time related conditions in the conditional content block lead to a save error
  • Fixed a bug where slider height was not calculated correctly on load
  • DOM-size setting could not be saved
  • Popups settings for individual pages were not working
  • Fixed some React errors rendering the hover helper blocks plugin
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic list icons caused render problems inside the block editor
  • Fixed font upload capabilities for multisite users
  • Deprecated fixed background image display on mobile devices – the option caused render errors




  • Post archive dynamic templates now support the Yoast metabox to edit the SEO title & description.
  • Improved the accessibility and SEO of all pagination links.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the new Setting „Reduce DOM-size“ from saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a dynamic template inside the block editor could lead to a React error.
  • Fixed an issue that created an infinite loop inside the block editor by constantly trying to update a static value inside the GREYD.List block.
  • Users could not select GREYD.Forms of the current language if they were translated via WPML in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue displaying incorrect pagination links on post archive pages.



Features & UX improvements

  • Support for custom WP_CONTENT_DIR setups
  • New beta setting: Reduce DOM size
  • Further improved security of the Customizer font upload API
  • An error message is now displayed before a file is being uploaded in GREYD.Hub that exceeds the maximum file size


  • Block Editor:
    • Fixed an issue where unsynced border radius values were not working with other units than ‘px’
    • Fixed an issue where the individual post-ID for a Dynamic Template was not being saved
    • Fixed an error resulting in a message “plugin ‘greyd-helper’ is not working properly”
  • Post Export:
    • Fixed a bug where taxonomy terms were not set correctly when importing an entire post type
    • Fixed a bug where multilingual taxonomy terms were not retrieved properly on export
  • Global Content:
    • An error message is displayed when a custom HTTP authorization is recognized



License adjustments



New Features:

  • Search & Replace
  • New attributes for the dynamic image block: height & object-fit
  • Core post type taxonomies are now editable
  • Dynamic contents and post type meta fields are now fully compatible with the WPML translation editor


  • Fixed a bug with animated triggers, where multiple animations could be triggered at once
  • Fixed some bugs related to new WooCommerce dynamic tags when certain plugins where not active
  • Fixed an issue where pagination arrows were still be shown in the frontend, even if deactivated in the backend
  • Fixed an issue installing custom website templates with the template library



New Features

  • Multisite Connector: Connect any GREYD.SUITE websites with each other to facilitate administration, sync and connect content (only available in our Agency License)
  • Improved interface in GREYD.Hub


  • Fixed a possible security vulnerability regarding the Customizer font upload
  • Fixed some minor issues inside the WooCommerce integration
  • Fixed some issues inside the block editor



New features:

  • Native video lazyloading
  • Embed a single post using the „Template“ block
  • New slider design option „Cover Flow“

Further improvements:

  • Editor performance improvements
  • Bug fixes



Bug Fixes

  • Performance Improvements for the Editor
  • Fixed an issue where the custom pagination was not displayed in frontend and backend
  • General small fixes & improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the slider height was not calculated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the max page option
  • Fixed an issue with the query-block animation type
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes and other icons where not displayed correctly when font lazy loading was active



New Feature:


  • Fixed an issue where the editor stopped working when a query block with Dynamic Templates in a reusable block was included inside a page.
  • Performance improvements rendering custom styles & classes



Neue Features

  • New integration for GREYD.Forms: Mailjet
  • More patterns & categories inside the native block pattern library


  • Fixed an issue where the gallery block wasn’t properly displayed in the frontend
  • Improved display of date input fields on iOS devices
  • Fixed issues regarding the advanced search features:
    • Added options to style the load more’-button
    • Fixed an issue with the query pagination when sorting by relevance
  • Improved display of the ‘stretch content’ option in the frontend
  • Fixed an issue downloading child theme design inside GREYD.Hub
  • Fixed blocks frontend CSS when .htaccess password protection is enabled
  • Improved shortcode support for Dynamic Tags
  • Fixed an issue in the file block_patterns.php
  • Fixed an issue escaping integer dynamic values
  • Removed padding: 0 for last query result




  • Bugfix of an error message relating to the live search features
  • bugfix of an error with query block paginations in the frontend




  • New Advanced Search Features:
    • Live Search
    • Relevance sorting
    • Optional frontend sorting for post overviews (query block)
  • Caching & performance improvements for query loops, Dynamic Templates & Dynamic Post Types
  • Shortcode support for custom fields and dynamic tags in the query block
  • Improved WooCommerce Germanized dynamic tags

Bug Fixes

  • Responsive custom block styles were sometimes saved incorrectly
  • In the menu block, spacing was sometimes not applied properly, especially on mobile devices
  • Logos in the header have received improved support for translation with WPML
  • When saving posts and pages in the Block Editor, an error message could occur if it contained a query block with the dynamic tag “Content”
  • WooCommerce:
    • Dynamic WooCommerce templates now apply the correct dynamic tags in the backend preview in the query block
    • Secondary & alternative buttons were sometimes not displayed correctly on WooCommerce pages in the frontend




  • Release of the new GREYD.SUITE Template Library with numerous patterns, templates for forms, popups, etc. and entire website templates


  • Fixed display issues with some responsive Vimeo videos.
  • Fixed dynamic tags in query blocks without Dynamic Template.
  • In some cases, the same post was displayed several times on the search or archive page.




  • GREYD.Forms Webhook Interface: More HTTP methods (UT, PATCH etc.) have been added
  • Support for stretch to same height option for query block and post overviews


  • The WooCommerce integration has been revised:
    • Bugfixes
    • Problems setting up the integration have been adjusted
    • Backward compatibility with WPBakery version of GREYd.SUITE has been improved
  • A bug in column rendering on tablet breakpoints was fixed




  • NEW: Optimized WooCommerce blocks integration
  • New block: GREYD List
  • Major Global ContentGlobal Content improvements, especially in correlation with the third party plugins WPML & Enable Media Replace
  • Block improvements:
    • Columns: contents can now be stretched to same height
    • Content-Box: contents can now be flex-aligned vertically
    • Separator: advanced styling options


  • Alt text of menu images weren’t rendered in the frontend
  • Posts of custom post types could be saved without filling all required fields
  • Popups are no longer triggered via scroll when scrolling back to the top



  • New Features:
    • Compatibility and bugfixes with Gutenberg version 12.6.0
    • New integration: Uberall
    • Meta values can now be sent to API interfaces (eg. the submit timestamp)
    • New Global Content feature: Simultaneous repair all errors of a site or multisite
    • New module to integrate Google Maps Module (currently available only for the WPBakery version of GREYD.SUITE, Gutenberg version to follow soon)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Header outer width is adjusting to the page max width now
    • Fixed an error where some merge fields were not sent properly to Mailchimp
    • Improved error handling for the custom font upload
    • Improved handling of mail errors for GREYD.Forms




  • Compatibility: Improvement of template & forms selection with WPML
  • Import/Export: Linked thank you pages are also included when exporting forms
  • GREYD.Hub now offers a “clean export” that excludes historical data such as form entries, user roles or post revisions


  • Bug fixes for Gutenberg 12.6.0
  • A Frontend issue with the individual spacing of multiple columns was fixed
  • Improved handling of taxonomies during post import
  • Bug fixes & improvements for Global Content



Compatibility with WordPress 5.9:

  • empty space base height units are supported
  • new filter options inside the Query Block are now properly supported
  • social icon alignment was fixed


  • translated some English wordings inside the Customizer preset picker
  • various responsive options resulted in a lost of state and could not be changed because the viewport switched automatically
  • post type email fields are automatically prepended with mailto: when used as a link


  • Content Box can now have a max-width & alignment
  • Elegant Icons are now being previewed




  • Dynamic Tags can now display the date of a post to the second.
  • GREYD.Forms: Hidden fields can now also transfer the current URL.
  • When integrating Google fonts, reference is now made to the GDPR. In addition, all Google fonts have been removed from our presets.
  • Popups can now also be displayed individually on system pages (e.g. 404, search).

Bug fixes

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9:
    • The search results could be displayed incorrectly – the same post was displayed several times.
    • In the editor, columns and posts of a query loop block were sometimes shifted or wrapped.
  • Other minor bug fixes, especially for the old GREYD.SUITE version (WPBakery).




  • Menu elements can now trigger Javascript events
  • GREYD.Popups can now be easily triggered using a JavaScript function (e.g. using menu elements).
  • WPBakery 6.8.0 Update and Compatibility (only relevant if you are using an old GREYD.SUITE version)
  • WPBakery Headlines support all font weight of the Customizer (100-900)
  • Post type “slug” creation has been improved – to avoid errors on existing installations, these changes only affect new or renamed post types:
    • Umlauts are converted on save (ä → ae)
    • Spaces are converted to dashes on save

Bug fixes:

  • With Global Content and WPML, errors could occur on multisites if WPML was not active on every page. This has been fixed.
  • The post overview could cause a memory timeout in the frontend if the number of rows or columns was set to “0”.
  • Some PHP notices & warnings have been resolved.




  • Page speed optimization through font lazy loading
  • WPML Integration of Import/Export and Global Content:
    • You can now include translations when exporting posts
    • Translations of the posts are then automatically included in the export
    • When importing, the posts are automatically imported in the correct language if possible
    • In the overview of global content there is a new column “Language”


  • Gutenberg control fields that allow editing of multiple sides (e.g. space above/below/left/right or border radius) have been revised and improved.
  • Responsive Preview: Individual settings are now usually in the preview views for mobile & amp; Tablet shown. Display errors can still occur due to the still immature core API of this feature.
  • The corner radius of content boxes is now also applied to direct background images.
  • Minimum and maximum values ​​of form input fields of the type “Date” can now be adjusted according to the descriptions.
  • A display error of columns on devices between 600px and 781px has been fixed.




  • Improvements to the styles and preview of the “Dynamic Image” block.
  • Improvement of the SEO of links: Internal links are automatically given a title attribute with the title of the linked page.
  • The automated calculation of the post excerpt has been improved.
  • The close button of full screen off menus is no longer forced together with a vertical navigation bar.


  • The number of posts found could be displayed incorrectly
  • The pagination of mail overviews was sometimes displayed incorrectly
  • WooCommerce frontend styles were sometimes not properly adopted
  • Minor display errors have been fixed




  • The reCaptcha banner was not displayed properly (forms with this error have to be saved again after the update).
  • Off-canvas elements with no columns around them were not always displayed properly.
  • When creating a new page in a multisite, errors in the display could occur after activating the GREYD.SUITE on this page.
  • Alt tags from dynamically replaced images were not always displayed correctly.
  • On Safari, Vimeo videos sometimes displayed errors in iFrames
  • The setting of the line width of the header was not properly adopted in the frontend.
  • When using animations, display errors could occur with certain elements.
  • Parallax settings for backgrounds were not properly applied in the frontend
  • Dynamic links in post archives were not displayed properly
  • When importing the first template from the template library into a multisite, errors could occur.



New version of GREYD.SUITE with native Gutenberg integration. All GREYD.SUITE features (e.g. GREYD.Forms, Global Content, GREYD.Popups, Dynamic Templates, Dynamic Post Types, etc.) now work with the new block editor of WordPress. WordPress’ original features like Reusables or Patterns are compatible with GREYD.SUITE. On top of that, GREYD.SUITE enhances the editor with numerous features (e.g. responsive settings, trigger picker, GREYD Editor Helper and many more). There are also new GREYD blocks (e.g. GREYD Buttons, Contentbox, etc.).



Bugfix for the WooCommerce Germanized ‘Button Solution’: WooCommerce Germanized ensures that on checkout pages the checkboxes for terms and conditions etc. cannot be placed between the product table and the “Buy Now” button. This did not work correctly and has been fixed.



  • Bugfixes:
    • Dynamic tags of core post types were not displayed when editing post templates.
    • Dropdown templates were not included in the number of uses in the template overview.
    • When creating post templates for individual categories, the categories were sometimes not displayed correctly.
    • When creating post types: hierarchical taxonomies were not saved correctly



  • Bugfixes:
    • The announcement box was not displayed on the WooCommerce shop page
    • A critical error could occur when updating global post types with custom taxonomies



  • New feature: Mathematical calculations in GREYD.Forms
    • New module: Mathematical field
    • New module: Slider control
    • New dynamic field placeholders for headings & texts within a form
    • Start values ​​for numeric input fields, dropdowns, radio buttons and image tiles
  • Bugfixes:
    • Multiply integrated Dynamic Templates are marked as duplicates when editing and are no longer displayed twice
    • Headings without an H-tag use the heading font and all other design settings of headings
    • Headings without display options but with an H-tag are displayed like a normal paragraph



  • Content boxes can now also trigger trigger events and popups
  • Responsive layout breaks of post overviews can now be adjusted manually
  • Compatibility with WPBakery 6.7.0
  • GREYD.Forms: Next/back buttons in multistep forms can now switch to a step via ID
  • Bug fixes:
    • Content box: Border and dropshadow were only displayed in combination with a background
    • The announcement bar was positioned incorrectly if a second header was displayed below the first
    • GREYD.Forms: Next/back buttons were not always displayed with 100% width on mobile devices



  • Bugfix GREYD.Hub: The function ‘admin_notices’ could be called incorrectly. (Log: greyd_tp_management/inc/posttypes.php:1330)



  • Bugfix GREYD.Hub: The function ‘admin_notices’ could be called incorrectly. (Log: greyd_tp_management/inc/posttypes.php:1330)



  • Feature enhancements:
    • Trigger button: Based on customer feedback we have changed the behavior of trigger buttons. If a trigger name is used several times on a page (e.g. when it is placed in a Dynamic Template), all events were triggered automatically when one trigger was fired. The new default behavior is now that only the event that belongs to the particular trigger button is triggered. The original behavior however can be activated with a new checkbox.
    • GREYD.Popups: The function “Show popup only once” now means once per session. Before, it meant once per page load.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Trigger buttons now work properly also for individually styled buttons and buttons with icons
    • Responsive layout errors could occur when two headers were active
    • Possible pagination display errors in the  module “Found posts” in the search template have been fixed
    • The alt text of logos was not published work properly



  • New Features:
    • Global Content: Headless features to link several websites in order to publish content automatically on any number of websites
    • Trigger buttons to trigger events (e.g. hide or show elements) with buttons
  • Bug fixes:
    • A change to the z-index of the navigation bar in the last update could lead to display errors. The change has been reversed.
    • Popups translated with WPML were sometimes displayed twice.



  • New Features:
    • Vertical menu bar
    • Individual fields can be added to core post types (e.g. posts) and post types from other plugins (e.g. WooCommerce products)
  • Bugfixes:
    • A critical error could occur during the live preview of GREYD.SUITE because a WordPress core file was not always included.
    • Found posts could be incorrectly displayed as sliders on search and archive pages. In addition, there could be display errors in the pagination and arrows.



  • Advanced import & export feature to easily import/export pages, forms, pop-ups, templates or other post types
  • Improvement of the accessibility of GREYD.SUITE
  • Admin notification when outdated theme or plugin versions are used that may not be compatible with each other
  • Bugfixes:
    • Nesting of different post types using post overviews could lead to display errors
    • Images that were integrated as individual fields in Dynamic Post Types could not be removed
    • Post tables could not be displayed without a header



  • Integration of GREYD.SUITE Theme & Template Library in the GREYD.SUITE dashboard
  • New GREYD.Forms interfaceMailchimp
  • Bugfixes:
    • In GREYD.Hub, errors in the URL could occur when importing into a multisite setup with subdirectories.
    • When filtering form entries in the backend, no results were displayed if only one of the two filters was used.
    • In Google Chrome, the reCAPTCHA field was autofilled with WordPress login information in the form settings, if they were saved in the browser.



  • New features:
    • Counter-Module for animated count-ups
    • Multiselect option for dropdowns, image tiles and radio buttons including global design settings in the Customizer under “Elements > Form fields”
  • New interface:
  • Improved features:
    • Custom taxonomies can now be created for Dynamic Post Types
    • Post overviews can now also be displayed as tables
    • Tables can be designed globally for the entire website using the Customizer
    • The search module has been extensively revised and expanded: It now offers the possibility to  offer filter options in the front end (e.g. by post type, categories, keywords & custom taxonomies). In addition, various design options for the search mask have been added.
    • Hidden fields in forms can now dynamically reference URL parameters or cookies
  • Bugfixes:
    • An error message could appear when viewing the preview and when saving drafts.
    • When scaling spaces per display size with ’em’ values, errors could occur
    • The Customizer option ‘Header moves content’ was not applied properly on 404, archive & post pages applied



  • Pop-ups are no longer automatically published when created.
  • Minor bugfixes.



  • Bug fix: An error could occur where required plugins (e.g. WPBakery) could no longer be installed. The error occurred when the installation process was interrupted and plugins were uploaded incompletely. Such errors are now automatically corrected.
  • The update notification for WPBakery has been adjusted. It now links to the subpage GREYD.SUITE > Plugins, from which the plugin can be updated.



  • Bugfixes:
    • Headlines were not properly centered if a maximum width was set.
    • A PHP error could occur after installation (Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function […] greyd_tp_management/enqueue.php on line 41)
    • Links that were set when filling a Dynamic Template were not always properly exchanged when moving via GREYD.Hub.
    • The placeholder _editor_ sometimes appeared in post- and archive-templates.
    • The hover image of GREYD.Forms image tiles was not displayed properly in some browsers after the last update.
    • Some form interfaces were loaded in the backend without being activated. This could lead to display errors.



  • WPBakery Version 6.5 (update in backend via GREYD.SUITE > Plugins)
  •  Bug fixes:
    • The popup preview in the backend did not work if other WordPress posts contained certain special characters
    • The off menu was displayed incorrectly if a popup with an overlay effect was active on the page
    • Sometimes an announcement bar was displayed in the frontend, although it had no content



  • New feature in the post overview module: slider
  • Bug fixes:
    • List items on article pages were sometimes displayed incorrectly
    • Box options from the header menu were not always applied responsively
    • The text in upload fields was sometimes displayed incorrectly after a file was selected
    • Instead of showing an empty menu, the WordPress standard menu was sometimes displayed



  • A bug has been fixed where the individual uploading of fonts no longer worked after the last update



  • New feature: GREYD.Popups to build individual popups with
    • individual design & layout
    • numerous triggers (e.g. exit intent, button, scrolling, etc.)
    • different conditions (z.B. dependency of  browser, device, time, URL parameter, etc.)
    • exact settings to define on which pages a popup should appear
    • clear dashboard for all popups of a website
    • detailed hierarchy settings in case several popups are active on the same page
    • Analytics feature, animations, page overlay and much more
  • Additional SEO option for headlines: distinction of optical and technical size, e.g. to display a technical H3 headline optically as an H1
  • Page speed optimization: Custom CSS is rendered in the footer, which improves the page speed by up to 20%



  • Several new GREYD.Hub features:
    • One-click migration for entire websites
    • One-click installation of GREYD.SUITE on new websites + reset & repair function
    • Additional import / export features (e.g. all activated plugins)
    • Feature to create and set-up new websites within a multi site installation without having to leave GREYD.Hub
    • UX improvements
  • Optimized integration of the plugin Yoast SEO: helpful presets, optimized sitemap & active messages regarding search engine visibility
  • An error has been fixed that prevented GREYD.SUITE from working properly if HTTP authentication was set up.
  • Optimization of the WordPress sitemap
  • Fixed a bug that caused old installations to keep trying to reinitialize
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Zapier interface for GREYD.Forms
  • Possibility to create individual interfaces per webhook
  • Bug fixes



  • A bug was fixed that had appeared when creating a new post type



  • Further performance & page speed improvements
  • New editor features (TinyMCE):
    • Option to select font size from the Customizer
    • Option so select font and background colors from the Customizer
    • Possibility to select „uppercase“
  • New dynamic elements for Dynamic Templates:
    • Forms can now be built with dynamic content elements
    • Empty spaces with dynamic height
    • Dynamic text in the search module
  • Improvements of SEO settings for images
  • Plugin import & export for  GREYD.Hub
  • CSV export for  GREYD.Forms 
  • Several bug fixes (Dynamic Post Types, GREYD.Hub, GREYD.Forms and other)



  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Bug fixes & minor improvements



  • New Performance & pagespeed features: Native lazy load for images, animations & Lottie Library; optimised Autoptimize integration
  • HubSpot & Rapidmail interfaces for GREYD.Forms
  • Optimised WooCommerce integration: Individual designs / layouts without coding, native direct checkout button; pagespeed optimisation features
  • Improvement of Dynamic Post Types
  • Additional backend language: English
  • Bug fixes



  • Additional backend language: English
  • Bug fixes & minor improvements