Feature Update – November 2023

Elevate your website with dynamic form emails, tabs for enhanced organization, and advanced search in Greyd.Suite for user-friendly results.

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We’re happy to announce some fantastic new additions to our Suite!

Global Taxonomies & Advanced Post Filtering, a real powerhouse!

It’s now possible to apply taxonomies to multiple post types. For example, if you have a Speaker post type and a Topics post type, you can apply the same categorization (e.g. Track 1 / Track 2) to both post types. But you can go way bigger than that. In addition to that, you can now use query loops to be much more specific about which posts you want to display. Combining multiple filters, excluding posts by specific criteria, or even adding individual posts gives you the flexibility to display all posts by the same author, for example, and make use of your global taxonomies.

Example: for a university

Global taxonomies make it possible to make a website a tool for enhanced academic information organization.

Imagine, AI is a central academic theme

Imagine the university has a wide range of content related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), encompassing various academic departments, research papers, course materials, and faculty profiles. By using global taxonomies, all this diverse content is categorized under the umbrella of “AI”.

Customized Academic Pathways

Students exploring the AI section of the website can experience a more targeted journey. For example, they could see a page displaying all courses related to AI, followed by research papers by AI experts, and then profiles of professors specializing in AI. This is made possible by filtering content to display only those posts that fall under the AI taxonomy.

Faculty-Centric Displays

Imagine a student is impressed by a particular AI professor’s lecture. With advanced post filtering, the website can showcase all content related to that professor – their research papers, courses they teach, and even news articles where they’re featured. This is done by filtering posts by the author (the professor) within the AI taxonomy.

Research Highlighting

For those interested in AI research, the website can filter to display only research papers and articles under the AI category. This could be further refined to show research in specific sub-fields of AI, like machine learning or neural networks, using the global taxonomy to categorize these sub-fields.

Event and Seminar Integration

The university can also filter posts to show upcoming events or seminars related to AI. This could include guest lectures, workshops, or conferences, all categorized under the AI taxonomy for easy access.

Conclusion: information can be interconnected

The combination of AI as a focal academic topic and the implementation of advanced post filtering allows for a highly organized, user-friendly, and dynamic presentation of content on the university website. This approach not only enhances the academic experience for students and faculty but also makes navigating the vast array of information more intuitive and efficient. The use of global taxonomies in this context ensures that regardless of the type of content – be it courses, research, or faculty profiles – it’s all interconnected under the theme of AI, providing a comprehensive and cohesive educational resource.

Read more about Global Taxonomies here [link? Wenn da, bitte ganze Satz verlinken].

Dynamic Form Emails

You can now dynamically include form fields in admin emails. And now, your form mails are displayed using a styled HTML template, looking slick and professional!

Read more about our Form Features here.

Our much requested Tabs Block

This new block makes it easy to create tab modules with any number of tabs. You can choose from several styles and transition effects. Tab customisation also includes alignment, spacing, icons and colors for different states. You can also make individual adjustments depending on the breakpoint, and, of course, our tabs block is accessibility-ready!

Why tabs can be really great on a website

Using tabs on a website offers numerous benefits that enhance both user experience and website functionality. They improve organization by structuring content in a clean, organized manner, which is especially useful for websites with a lot of information. Tabs are space-efficient, making efficient use of the webpage’s real estate and allowing users to access different sections of content without scrolling through long pages. This is particularly beneficial for mobile users, where screen space is limited. 

Tabs provide user-friendly navigation with an intuitive and familiar interface, enhancing the overall user experience. They help in reducing clutter by dividing content into tabs, making the site more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read, which keeps users engaged for longer periods. Tabs can also lead to faster load times as they can be used to load content dynamically, improving the site’s performance. 

They allow for logical segmentation of information, making it easier for users to process and understand. This is useful in cases like e-commerce sites where product details, reviews, and specifications can be separated into different tabs. Well-organized content through tabs can lead to increased user engagement, as users are more likely to explore different sections of a site if they can easily find and access the information they need.

Tabs offer customization and flexibility in terms of design and functionality, can be styled to match the website’s design, and can include various types of content. They can be made accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, by ensuring navigability via keyboard and screen readers. Lastly, for websites with complex user interfaces, such as dashboards or control panels, tabs help in breaking down the interface into more manageable chunks, making the site more user-friendly. In summary, tabs enhance a website’s usability, organization, and aesthetic appeal, making it easier for users to navigate and interact with the site and are a versatile tool adaptable to various content and design needs.


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Enhanced staging features

GREYD.Hub now allows you to create a staging clone of your live websites with just one click. This way you can safely work on new designs or content, test plugins or change settings without affecting the stability of your live site.

You can choose what you want to push back to your live website

As a web designer, you know this: You prefer to try out major adjustments or new plugins on a copy of your website first. To be on the safe side, you make a backup before importing it to the live site, but there’s still a certain nervousness when you click “update”. We feel you!

With the new staging feature, you can now edit websites even faster and more securely. Instead of manual copy & paste, you simply create a staging version of your site. If everything looks good, it only takes one click to push your changes to the live site!

In Greyd.Hub, you get a central overview of all staging connections and see exactly which changes have been made to which versions. This way you can ensure that when you push changes, you don’t accidentally lose content on the live site that was created or edited there in the meantime.

This feature is part of the agency plan.


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We already had a pretty good Search Block. Now we have a great search block, as it has been massively extended.

Your ability to offer a quick and effective way to locate information on your website is key to a positive online experience. Greyd.Suite’s advanced search features are tailor-made to revolutionize the way you interact with your site. 

Some examples of how you can enhance both your frontend and backend search experiences, making your site more intuitive and user-friendly.

Our advanced search functions have been made to create a unique user experience just for your website visitor. It’s not only about them finding what they need; it’s about the journey to get there. The global search field on your website allows a comprehensive and seamless search process.

Customize search fields for your unique needs

You get a customizable search block, giving you complete control over the design and results of your frontend searches. This includes individual filters and sorting functions, enabling you to tailor the search experience to your specific needs, in both frontend and backend.

Smart Search: prioritize relevance

The smart search feature ensures that the most relevant results are always at your users’ fingertips. They can see the key search results first, sorted by relevance, popularity, and other criteria. This guarantees that they find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Our live and auto-search feature is a real game-changer. It automatically displays a preview of search results as soon as you enter a search term. This dynamic feature refreshes the results for new searches without needing to reload the page, enhancing your experience with speed and convenience.

Advanced search criteria: maximize your control and handle complex queries with ease

Our advanced search criteria allow you to delve deeper than ever. It’s possible to search through metadata of your post types, exclude specific posts or terms from the results, and even integrate the search with other advanced features. This level of sophistication ensures that your website can handle complex queries with ease.

Global Search: takes your search beyond the confines of your website

The Global Content feature of Greyd.Suite takes a search beyond the confines of your website. When yout visitors enters a search term, they access information across multiple sites, providing comprehensive and relevant results. This expands your reach and enhances your ability to find exactly what you need.

In summary, our advanced search functionalities offer a transformative approach to website searches. By providing you with complete control over the search experience, Greyd.Suite ensures that your website is not only user-friendly but also a powerful tool for accessing information. This elevates your website’s usability and positions it as a premier resource in your field.

NB All features listed are part of our basic version, except the global search, which is included with our freelancer subscription and up.

Read more about Advanced Search.

Portrait of Sandra Kurze

By Sandra Kurze

Sandra is absolutely passionate about copywriting – preferably, of course, on topics that also captivate her in terms of content. She has been involved with websites and online marketing for several years – both from a service provider and customer perspective. The perfect prerequisites for the Greyd blog!

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