Development challenges with WP blocks and Gutenberg

Insights from our development team. Interview with Jakob Trost about the complexities and learning experiences of dealing with challenges such as unfiltered HTML, the navigation block and global styles.

Laptop screen with WordPress code and overlay with Gutenberg logo.
Black and white portrait of a young man with blond hair and a trimmed beard. In the background is a black and white screenshot of the Greyd Dashboard. Caption on orange banner: Jakob Trost, CTO.

Why we are all-in on the WordPress Site Editor

Read the interview with Jakob Trost. our CTO, where he speaks about the background of our decision to go all-in on the Site Editor, which some still call FSE.

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The globe is visible with several light dots. The logos of Greyd and wildcloud are connected with each other and the globe by a yellow line.

Wildcloud and Greyd – a new level of unified WP enterprise management

The comprehensive WordPress solution for franchise and enterprise to maintain a strong, consistent digital presence.

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Purple graphic with text "feature update" and a man looking very excited

Feature Update – November 2023

Elevate your website with dynamic form emails, tabs for enhanced organization, and advanced search in Greyd.Suite for user-friendly results.

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Relaxed woman sitting on a chair with her feet on the desk

More Than 10 Plugins You No Longer Need with Greyd.Suite

Plugins make WordPress more flexible, but also often cause problems. We show you a single alternative for over 10 popular plugins.

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Man sitting in front of a laptop

How to Personalize Your Content in WordPress (3 Ways)

Tailored website content can be a real conversion booster. Learn here 3 possibilities to offer users a unique user experience.

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Someone looking at statistics on a laptop

Create and Evaluate Conversion Powerful Forms with Greyd.Suite

Learn how to easily create even complex multistep forms with GREYD.SUITE and evaluate the conversions directly in the backend.

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Greyd.Suite interfaces - various logos of HubSpot, Salesforce and other tools that can be integrated with Greyd.Suite

Interfaces & integrations of GREYD.SUITE

CRM connection, newsletter interface or CSV export – connect your website perfectly into your business processes.

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Latest in Learn

A hand with one finger pointing at a glass wall which depicts a network of folders.

Demystifying WordPress Multisite

Multisite serves as an ideal tool for businesses with multiple branches, franchises, or community groups.

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an AI using wordpress

How to use AI sensibly for WordPress websites

How can your WordPress installation benefit from AI and should you use AI for WordPress websites? Find the answers here!

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