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Greyd receives funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for their innovative developments in the field of AI and Greyd.Suite.

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We are an up-and-coming software company. Our approach often differs from that of other companies in our industry.

For example, in order to realize Greyd.Suite, we had to develop a great deal that went far beyond the WordPress standard. Without intending to, we moved away from pure development into the field of research and qualified for research funding programs along the way.

The project focused on a novel WordPress-based no-code system (Greyd.Suite) for more efficient creation of complex websites, including connecting to systems such as CRM, ERP and double opt-in for GDPR compliance. By realizing a complete separation of content, design/layout and function (decoupling), a dynamic play out of web content across hundreds of websites should be made possible with simultaneous control via a single backend. The elements can also be reused in other projects with automatic design customization.

Initially planned as a holistic solution, it should later be possible to integrate external page builders into the infrastructure through modularization to ensure usability under real conditions.

Let’s do it again!

And now we’re doing it for the second time with our innovative AI project. I’ve already written more about this on LinkedIn

Funding our own research and development marks a significant milestone, as it not only emphasizes the innovative power of the company, but also shows how government support can drive innovative technologies forward.

The challenge of funding in the startup world

Young companies tend to finance themselves through venture capital, especially in the software industry. Right from the start, we took the path of financing ourselves with our own resources. This means that the things we do have to earn money (at least in the medium term). If they don’t, we are taking big risks, and these need to be carefully considered.

In Germany, where the promotion of young, innovative companies has a long tradition, there are also special funding programs for research and development, which are supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These funding programs are designed to support new technologies and production processes that have the potential to create new jobs and drive technological progress. There is a lot to complain about in Germany, but a lot is also made possible. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to strive for real innovation and not just me-too products.

Why Greyd received funding

The decisive factors for the approval of funding are novelty, creative depth and the research risk itself. It must be demonstrated that the project – such as the development of an advanced no-code software platform that automates and simplifies various processes – is truly innovative and carries the risk of failure.

The role of research and development

Another important aspect of the funding is that it is not used to improve existing products or services, but to create something truly new. Greyd is using the funding to invest in the research and development of new technologies, particularly the integration of artificial intelligence, which could revolutionize the way content is personalized and displayed on websites.

The impact on companies, employees and customers

The funding not only enabled Greyd to receive financial support for research and development, but also to strengthen its own reputation as an innovative company.

Funding has made it possible to finance part of the personnel costs directly related to the research project. This gives us the freedom to continue investing in pioneering technologies without having to expect an immediate financial return. For the employees, this means that there are many exciting tasks in which they can also develop themselves. For our customers, it means that they can rely on a company that invests in its own and in their future. It’s not just about maximizing profit per customer, but about the future of everyone involved.


Our story shows how crucial funding programs can be for the development of new technologies. It also emphasizes the importance of innovation and research for the growth and competitiveness of companies in the technology sector. We are an example of how extraordinary progress can be made through creative approaches and a willingness to take risks. It’s very challenging and a hell of a lot of fun!

Lächelnder Mann mit kurz geschnittenen dunklen Haaren in einer weißen Bluse.

By Mark Weisbrod

As CEO of Greyd, Mark is all about developing effective sales processes to ensure Greyd.Suite thrives in the market. In our blog, he likes to share his thoughts on the market and our strategy.

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