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The Greyd.Suite for powerful webshops

Are you planning to set up a webshop? Have you already thought about layout, design, the connection to necessary tools such as payment processing and the subsequent maintenance? On the way to online commerce, freshly minted webshop operators encounter a number of stumbling blocks, as experience has shown. So that you can offer your customers a real shopping experience and everything runs smoothly in the background, we present you a sophisticated tool. Learn more.

The challenges of building a webshop

Few things are more annoying for web store owners than abundant shopping carts filled by customers, but never generating sales because the checkout process doesn’t work technically.

When setting up a webshop, many underestimate the complexity. ERP and merchandise management systems, payment, shipping, returns, rating systems – all this must be seamlessly combined in the store.

The path that your future customers will go through is not only: home page to checkout. No, with a successful web store, the customer journey already begins with the Google search or on social media platforms and only ends with the product reviews and the recommendation of your products.

It is not enough to merely put a store online. The maintenance of the store pages, the updating of product descriptions and the subsequent integration of new business processes can become very extensive over time. The choice of store tool should therefore be well thought out. Even if there are many providers on the market, some online systems quickly reach their limits with certain business models and sales structures.

Flexible setting options for company designspage speedresponsive designdata protection and legal security must also be ensured.

As soon as the store grows, a lot of technical know-how is required. Especially for industrial purposes, often only in-house development or large, established tools, such as WooCommerce, come into question.

Aim for usability and mobile optimization!

Did you know that around 38 percent of e-commerce sales in Germany are generated by shopping with smartphones and tablets? According to current projections, mobile commerce will overtake desktop shopping in 2023 (source: Worldpay). For this reason, it is enormously important to already optimize all store pages for mobile and to enable customers to have a convenient shopping experience with their smartphone. Especially when it comes to the usability of mobile interfaces, many webshop providers do not offer the necessary features.

But how can these many requirements be solved? We hope that all these hurdles have not made your head spin. Instead, we want to offer you simple and secure solutions for your webshop. Keep a cool head and get now an overview of the possibilities of GREYD.SUITE.

The major advantages of Greyd.Suite

View products, smile, buy, and come back – that’s what your customers should experience when they browse your web store. And behind the scenes? Here, everything should run like clockwork. That’s where our GREYD.SUITE comes in. In our comprehensive tool for the creation of websites we have thought of everything. To help you sell your products successfully, GREYD.SUITE includes WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds online store systems to websites. For example, you can use it to sell physical, digital products as well as tickets and online courses.

How do you benefit from this interface? It makes your work easier! When using WooCommerce alone, it can always happen that one or the other place becomes complicated and cumbersome. Some functions require programming skills. With the integration into GREYD.SUITE this won’t happen to you anymore.

GREYD.SUITE offers all the necessary features to make website creation easy and stress-free for you and your team.

One of the most important features are also our Dynamic Post Types. They allow you – in contrast to classic page builders – to create custom post types without the help of a developer. This makes it possible to display your products individually, generate intelligent product overviews and easily manage the resulting data volumes.

With the optimized WooCommerce integration, you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Individual adjustments in design and layout possible without technical know-how or CSS programming
  • General website design settings are automatically applied to your webshop areas as well
  • One-click installations directly in the wizard
  • Native integrated Direct Checkout with extensive options
  • Pagespeed optimization by disabling WooCommerce scripts and styles also on non-store pages
  • Dynamic Tags: Dynamic integration of prices and shopping cart buttons on additional website areas
  • Hubspot connection including connectivity to WooCommerce

No more problems with loading times and interfaces

Besides WooCommerce integration, GREYD.SUITE offers very many basic options to build a successful online store.

The intelligent linking of global design settings, for example, is one of them. With just a few clicks, you can roll out settings in the corporate design across your entire subpages. According to your ideas, it is possible to create an individual store system in an attractive and modern design. In addition, the separation of design and content supports an easy webshop creation, which is not offered by common web systems.

Even if the data grows and grows, you don’t need to worry about the loading times of your website. That’s exactly why GREYD.SUITE includes additional features that allow you to integrate images or animations, for example, without sacrificing pagespeed. The trick? Images are initially loaded in low resolution and animations are displayed as a static image without users noticing.

Whether tablet or smartphone – your new store is sure to suit all devices, as you can easily equip it with Responsive Design.

Are you also planning to integrate HubSpot or Salesforce? GREYD.SUITE allows you to easily connect the necessary interfaces. Would you like to learn more about the integration of formswebshop data or newsletter tools? Then we have some important tips and tricks for you here: Interface integration of GREYD.SUITE.

GREYD.SUITE gives you everything you need to make shopping what it should be in real life – a satisfying experience that customers will want to relive.

By Patrick Mitter

Patrick loves good texts. Preferably about topics concerning online marketing and WordPress. Having built websites by using well-known page builders on his own and being very experienced in the SEO industry, he is very familiar with any kind of problems regarding those plugins. This is the reason why he adopted Greyd’s mission to simplify work for web designers as well as agencies.

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