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More conversions

Thanks to the powerful conversion features, the customer websites generate significantly more leads.

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New customers

With a tool that not only streamlines processes but also enables maximum flexibility, the agency can realize a wider range of customer projects.

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The reusability of elements across several projects speeds up the creation process , allowing the agency to take on more projects.

Increased SEO ranking

Clean, accessible code and very good page speed ensure an excellent SEO ranking for the websites created.

The project

  • 14agency specializes in landing pages and one-pagers. To realize high-quality website projects as quickly as possible the process needs to be very efficient.
  • The aim is to make elements reusable and speed up process steps while still allowing for individuality.

Goals & requirements

  • Landing pages and one-pagers are often similar in their structure. Once elements have been created, it should be easy to reuse and customize them for new projects.
  • A lean solution without dozens of plugins is required to minimize the administration effort for small projects.
  • The focus of the pages is on lead generation. Therefore, all classic conversion functions are required, e.g. multistep forms.
  • As an SEO agency, a technically SEO-optimized result is a must.
  • To the agency, very good pagespeed performance is also important.
  • Once the pages have been completed, content maintenance, is usually the responsibility of the end customer. It must therefore be simple and ideally possible without WordPress knowledge.
  • The agency needs a solution that enables increased efficiency and reusability on the one hand, but also allows them to fulfill the individual wishes of their customers on the other.

The implementation

14agency decided in favor of Greyd.Suite for the implementation of their landing page projects.

For us, Greyd.Suite is a very lean and high-performance solution that is easy to use for the customer and highly customizable for us.

14agency has built up a customized set of patterns and templates (e.g. for forms, pop-ups, etc.). To use an element from a previous project for a new one, the agency uses the import/export function of Greyd.Suite. This allows all elements to be transferred from one Greyd.Suite installation to another with just two clicks. Thanks to the global design settings, the elements automatically adapt to the design of the respective website.

Backend display of Greyd.Suite's import & export function
The import/export function works for all elements – forms, popups, post types, popups, pages, posts, etc.
Frontend display of a Greyd.Suite Dynamic Template in blue
Frontend display of a Greyd.Suite Dynamic Template in red
The same template in two different customer projects – colours, fonts and e.g. button stylings automatically adapt to the design of the respective page

The agency creates forms using the form generator integrated in Greyd.Suite.

This has several advantages for us. We don’t have to administer any additional plugins and have everything we need out of the box, from design options such as multistep to technical details such as double opt-in or follow-up actions. Our customers can flexibly connect their respective CRMs and newsletter tools.

Example of a Greyd.Suite multistep form
Example of a Greyd.Suite multistep form
Two examples of multistep forms from 14agency with clickable image tiles for an optimal user experience and conversion maximization

Form data can be transferred to external tools via several integrated interfaces as well as Zapier and webhooks. Entries can also be exported as CSV files.

Backend display of the Greyd.Forms interfaces settings
Backend view of the form interfaces

In one of 14agency’s customer projects, an additional connection to the “OnOffice” estate agent software was required for the central management of a property portfolio. This was simply integrated via iFrame. Alternatively, integration via a plugin would also have been possible. Individual extensions like these are easy to implement with Greyd.Suite.

To ensure very good pagespeed performance, 14agency largely dispenses with external plugins for its projects. Greyd.Suite is usually the only tool besides a caching plugin. In addition to fast pages and a lean code structure, the agency benefits from significantly less effort when setting up and managing their customer projects.

Pagespeed results of a Greyd.Suite website - all green
The sites achieve excellent pagespeed results and also perform very well in other areas (core web vitals, SEO, accessibility).

Greyd.Suite offers 14agency optimal conditions for technically flawless websites set up for search engine optimization. For example, the agency can set up templates with headlines flexibly and define the H tag dynamically, depending on where and in what context the template is used on a page. This means that the same template can be used with H1 in the header section and again with H2 further down without changing the visual presentation.

When creating a Dynamic Template, both the headline text and the H tag can be set to “dynamic”. The technical and visual headline size are independent of each other.
Backend display of Greyd.Suite Dynamic Template H-Tag settings
Finally, editors can flexibly define both the text and the H tag individually when taking care of the content.

14agency’s customers include many small and medium-sized companies that generally have rather limited marketing capacities and often little to no in-house WordPress expertise. Nevertheless, customers must be able to handle ongoing content maintenance. Depending on the customer, the agency has various options for ensuring this.

Greyd.Suite is integrated into the native block editor of WordPress. The editor is comparable to a front-end editor in many ways and therefore makes it very easy for 14agency’s customers to edit texts or images, for example.

Backend display of Greyd.Suite website showing Editor Helper functionality
Editing content in the Block Editor is very easy. The Editor Helper in Greyd.Suite also simplifies the overview by visualising blank areas and guidelines.

For customers who are not confident with this, 14agency sets up the websites with Dynamic Templates. The design, layout and structure of entire website sections are defined at template level. The content is set to “dynamic” in the template, which means that the same template can later be used in several places, each with different content.

Content editors only have to fill in fields at page or post level without having to worry about design details and without running the risk of inadvertently changing the layout.

Backend display of a Dynamic Template on a Greyd.Suite website
If pages are set up with Dynamic Templates, editors only have to fill in the dynamic elements (e.g. button text, headline – in the editor or in fields on the right). All static elements and the layout are blocked for editing.

Using the Greyd.Hub management interface, 14agency can ultimately export the entire website for the go-live with a single click in order to import it to the customer’s domain.

In Greyd.Hub, entire sites as well as media, design, database tables, plugins, etc. separately can be downloaded. This makes website migration extremely easy.