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What are enterprise companies looking for in WordPress business themes and what features are most important? Find out about it here!

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As the most used and fastest-growing CMS in the world, WordPress is not just used by freelancers or small businesses.

It is even a popular software for large enterprises with a huge number of installations and an extensive international market. 

This is only possible since there are several WordPress themes especially designed for the needs of enterprise companies. In order for you to understand what that exactly means, we will go into further detail about the best features of WordPress enterprise themes. 

What enterprises are looking for in WordPress themes

Usually big enterprises are looking for specific requirements in WordPress themes as they face other challenges than smaller businesses. The most important aspects for large companies when it comes to their WordPress site are:


The security of corporate websites is a top priority. Themes should follow best security practices and ideally integrate seamlessly with leading security plugins. This ensures the protection of sensitive data and the avoidance of security vulnerabilities that could make the website an easy target.


The performance of a website is critical to the success of a business in the digital world. Large companies need corporate WP themes that are optimized for speed, accessibility and responsiveness. As fast pagespeed, high accessibility for all users and a responsive design for several devices improve the user experience. And therefore make the website perform well in search engines.


Large enterprises often experience significant traffic and growing content on their websites. This is why it is important that the themes they use are scalable. This means that they can handle large amounts of traffic without affecting loading times or general website performance. Themes need to be flexible enough to keep up with the growth of the business without the need for a major redesign.

Professional support

Last but not least, reliable, ongoing developer support is crucial. Large organizations cannot afford to have their websites offline or not functioning properly due to issues with the theme. It is important to choose a theme that receives regular updates and is supported by an experienced team. This allows problems to be resolved quickly and the sites to be effectively maintained to ensure smooth operation.

Challenges for enterprise WordPress sites

Like we already mentioned, large companies struggle with some challenges and can’t afford to fail due to using the wrong resources, like an inadequate WordPress corporate theme. 

For instance, scaling a website to meet increasing traffic and content demands can be difficult. Insufficient scalability however can lead to long loading times, performance degradation and even downtime. 

Another challenge is the fact that large companies often are an attractive target for cyberattacks. An insecure website can lead to data leaks, malware infections and other security threats. 

Also performance can be an issue. A slow website can impact the user experience and lead to higher bounce rates. In an enterprise environment, consistent high performance is essential.

So the right WordPress enterprise theme plays a central role in business when it comes to overcoming these challenges. It is crucial to not only choose a theme that is aesthetically pleasing but also offers robust performance and security features. As well as a responsive design, accessibility and the necessary interfaces to integrate other corporate processes.

Key features of suitable WordPress enterprise themes

So as you can imagine, quality WordPress themes for business should have a number of key features to meet the specific needs of a company. The principal ones of them being: 

  • Customizability and flexibility

Businesses need themes that are highly customizable to convey their unique brand identity and perform specific functions. A flexible theme makes it possible to adapt the appearance of the website to corporate design specifications and integrate custom functions or extensions.

  • Integration 

Seamless integration with other important tools and platforms is of great importance for enterprises. Whether it’s CRM systems, e-commerce platforms or analytics, professional WordPress themes should support APIs and integrations to improve the efficiency and functionality of the websites. 

  • SEO

Choosing the right theme can have a significant impact on search engine optimization. A clean, search engine friendly code, structured data and the integration of SEO plugins are crucial to achieve a good ranking in search results and improve the visibility of the website. 

  • Multilingual and multisite support

Companies with a global presence need themes that support internationalization and the management of multiple websites within a network. Multilingual features and the ability to manage content in different languages are critical to reaching an international audience.

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

It is more than obvious that nowadays it’s essential that themes work well on all devices. A responsive design ensures an optimal user experience and improves conversion rates by dynamically adapting content to different screen sizes and device types.

  • Advanced search functions

A powerful search function is crucial for big companies to enable users to navigate the website efficiently and user-friendly. Advanced search functions go beyond simple text searches and offer advanced filtering and sorting options.

They include: 

  • Filter by categories and attributes: Users can refine their search by filtering by specific categories, tags, products or attributes.
  • Faceted search: This feature allows users to refine their search results based on various aspects, such as price, date, size or other relevant attributes.
  • Correct auto-complete: An auto-complete feature can improve the user experience by displaying search suggestions and relevant search terms as they type.
  • Search in custom fields: Companies can create custom search fields that search specific database fields to find custom content or products.
  • Sorting options: Users can sort search results by various criteria such as popularity, relevance, price or date.

Here are some of the best WordPress enterprise themes

Enterprises usually run more than one website. They usually manage a large number of websites in different countries and several languages. So besides deciding which WordPress themes are best for business, they also have to have a look at the system behind it. So here are some premium WordPress themes that are popular in the context of e-commerce and multiple sites.


Neve is a fast and popular multipurpose WordPress theme. Next to some other free WordPress themes for business there is also a free version of Neve. Even though the free version is quite impressive, larger companies will probably prefer the premium version. The prices for Neve Pro start at €69 per year. 

The theme seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg Editor and supports various other page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, WPBakery Page Builder, SiteOrigin, and Divi, ensuring unparalleled flexibility.Neve is suitable for almost any project, whether it’s a blog, a startup homepage, or a portfolio for agencies or multiple websites of a large company. It can also power entire online stores through the WooCommerce integration. The theme is fully responsive, AMP-optimized, and easily translatable into multiple languages. Which makes it suitable for international organizations.


Flatsome is an excellent theme designed for e-commerce, specifically for large WooCommerce stores. Companies can get it for a one-time payment of $59 that includes 6 months of support. Future updates are also included in the price. 

The standout features of Flatsome include incredibly good page speed performance, a highly responsive design, excellent WooCommerce support and a variety of pre-built layouts and templates tailored for online stores. Such as testimonials, banners, price tables or logos. 

Building a store with Flatsome is both quick and intuitive, especially when at least basic programming knowledge for the customization of the theme is available. However, when using Flatsome, it’s important to be cautious with plugins. As not all popular plugins are fully supported.


The Avada WordPress theme stands out as one of the top-selling premium themes globally. Renowned for its multifaceted nature, Avada comes packed with an extensive number of features and design options right out of the box. When you opt for the full package it is a one-time payment of $69 per site including 6 months of support. 

Avada offers a huge range of features which require quite a learning curve to grasp and utilize them optimally. Much of its functionality is best understood through hands-on exploration. To leverage the full potential it is crucial that companies ensure fast and robust WordPress hosting. 

Overall, with including many premium plugins, being compatible with WooCommerce and offering unlimited design options Avada is definitely suitable for online shops and large enterprises.


The Greyd Theme is our multipurpose WordPress theme crafted to offer enhanced options and adaptability within the realm of Full Site Editing. As large enterprises rarely just run one website but often about dozens or even hundreds of sites, their decision is not just about the theme itself but also about the system. 

That’s why within the Greyd Theme there is a high focus on our Global Styles and even extended capabilities with additional styles. To create a unique WordPress ecosystem for multiple installations. The block theme also addresses various needs that may not yet be fully covered by the core functionalities. 

The theme is especially suitable for large enterprises due to its scalable and dynamic architecture. Users benefit even more when combining the Greyd Theme with Greyd.Suite, a comprehensive platform to scale up WordPress businesses. 

Greyd users also profit from the Greyd.Hub that centralizes the management of multiple WordPress installations and therefore gives you centralized control over content and design for any number of websites.

The headless API as well as the flexible design system enable the use of headless functions for different web presences and provides an integrated design system for custom brand portals. All these features reduce the dependency on multiple plugins., which helps when it comes to security and pagespeed. 

The Greyd Theme is also optimized for accessibility and responsiveness. Automatically adjusting to different screen sizes without requiring manual layout and size adjustments. And following the principles of responsive web design and web accessibility. 

Our theme is built for swift and flexible integration into any company WordPress website. It also features a selection of patterns and templates suitable for diverse website types and landing pages. Additionally, as a Greyd user companies have a professional support team that always has their back.

By Patrick Mitter

Patrick loves good texts. Preferably about topics concerning online marketing and WordPress. Having built websites by using well-known page builders on his own and being very experienced in the SEO industry, he is very familiar with any kind of problems regarding those plugins. This is the reason why he adopted Greyd’s mission to simplify work for web designers as well as agencies.

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